What Is CrossFit

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to optimize physical competence in each of the recognized fitness domains.

The fitness domains include:
Cardiovascular and Respiratory - Endurance - Stamina - Strength - Flexibility - Power - Speed - Coordination - Agility - Balance - Accuracy.

Our training is constantly varied, functional movement executed at a high intensity. By constantly varying the workouts your body is left guessing, requiring it to regularly adapt to the training stimulus.

The classes are physically and mentally challenging and more importantly, your progress will never plateau.

Functional movements are essential, everyday movements that are done in real life. Standing from a seated position, safely picking something up off the ground, and putting an object up over your head are all examples of functional movements. These movements performed at high intensity promote lean muscle gain and a reduction of body fat. All the same, you’ll move better and pain free in your everyday lives.

Finally, the high intensity component is the shortcut to quick results. All the good stuff in fitness comes through intensity. Our workouts are scaled so that each individual is able to train at their own high intensity no matter what their current fitness level. With that being said, we train hard.
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